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Corbin R. Miller William R. Miller William C. Morris Elena A. Prokupets Laura J. Tsurara-onna are warm, loving spirits that provide men with company but disappear when the icicles melt. A crow-like creature that lives in solitary in forests. They have little respect for humans and torment humans that wander into the forest. A creature covered from head to toe in eyes. The brilliance of daylight hurts their many eyes so they only come out at night. They act as watch guards for criminal activity by attaching one of their eyes to humans.

Kodama are the animated spirits of trees. Their lives are intertwined with that of the three so should one of them die, the other does as well. They are considered guardians of the trees and forest. The physical embodiment of lightning in the form of an animal. They are seen as divine beasts and often treated as gods.

A fearsome nocturnal wolf-like creature that haunts mountain passes. They follow travellers and wait for them to trip and stumble before ripping them to shreds. A bird yokai found in flocks on remote mountains. They appear to travellers at night and sing a shrill song. They are considered omens of bad luck… or act as a warning of the foreboding danger of the okuri-inu. Noble holy creatures that act as guardians of sacred places.

A ghostly apparition that appears from candle-lit flames at the end of the gathering of one hundred ghost stories. It is the incarnation of fear that has accumulated over the course of the tellings. The spirit of an old camellia tree. Camellias are associated with death and strangeness. Fearsome powerful creatures and are bringers of disaster considered to be the enemy of mankind.

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Shuten Douji is the king of all oni and Ibaraki Douji is his right hand. A Japanese dragon strongly associated with water. They reside in extravagant palaces under the waters filled with treasures and magical artifacts. The dragon that resides in the Eastern skies and controls rain. One of the Four Symbols that are important mythological figures in Taoism. A rare and powerful creature.