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You always take yourself with you, right?! Those responses are spookily similar to the ones I gave when I filled out the second survey for Chris. For me, something different sent me on a quest to explore my edges. It was a simple shift in the way I perceived myself. The question changed my world view. I still had all my excuses, like the fact I had never run a marathon.

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One after another, however, my excuses seemed to disappear. The only reason not to join the Team was my desire to spend time in the really comfortable couch we had just bought. My quest and question got me off the couch to test my boundaries. I finished my 1st Ironman 2 minutes before the midnight cut-off. I work with people who are sick, with heart disease or diabetes, about changing their diet.

However, it is not until they realize their discontentment with their illness that they are even open to change. Thanks for the insight. I was devastated but determined to rebuild the marriage. Thankfully, the universe stepped in to throw obstacle after obstacle in my way to achieving this.

I was struggling to cling to an unsatisfactory life and marriage. I was living in a life where I settled and compromised my dreams. I realized that instead of showing my children strength I was showing them what a life of surrender looked like. I wish I harnessed the discontent before and turned it into action sooner but I needed to learn this lesson. Now it is a deep and profound part of me. I have a plan, not just a vague urge.

I have focus and determination to do instead of to just try. And I will never settle again for an ordinary life of desperation again. What about crisis? Some people are happy with their life and then crisis happens over night. They lose their dream job, the love of their life,… And then they must find strength to change the course. Remember cortez burning all those ships? Nah, discontent may be fuel, but it is a luxury. Your theory will not be complete unless you consider crisis as well.

Which is the stronger driving force: discontent unhappy with the way things are or desire clearly imagining how you would like things to be? I like the way you put it, Chris. This is different from negativity, in which people are dissatisfied no matter where they are. I steer clear of that attitude, in myself and others. This has totally been my experience as well.

How do I do it? Change happens when change happens — when there is no longer another option. Great post, as always Chris. Discontent alerts us to get back on the track to fulfillment. If we dare. Change can be anything that clears a path for you. I do various things to remove creative blocks.

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Recently I got sick with a minor illness but it put me in bed for a week and during that time of rest with no distractions I had a creative break through. Luckily I kept a journal of the dreams, visions and ideas that came to me during that time. You inspired me. Thank you. Love the post Chris- we are all driven to be better- to progress and often discontent can do that for us although sometimes internal drive, ego or the need to keep evolving can be triggers as well? Right on! I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

在那遥远的地方 - At That Far Far Away Place

It always hits home in one way or another. Then I always start wandering around your site. After seven years teaching and then being the principal of a school in Maryland, I finally reached a high enough level of discontent and left to travel the world and write! All because I listened to my discontent. To me this is the essence of being alive—being able to choose what new direction you are going to take, in any part of your life, as often as you need to. Living on purpose is living with imagination, and the people who are not afraid to dream up and work out a uhique new life are exciting to be around.

Positive change IS exciting! You get good at it, you hobnob with others who can change and adapt quickly. Living with imagination sure beats stagnatingl. We know those folks. They sing in church choirs with their blank faces, their heads down, eyes focussed on their songbooks. Substitute whatever unthinking, repetitive group you are forced to spend time around.

Far Away Place (Rampa Remix)

Thanks for a chance to vent! I concur. Nike was on to something. I love what you wrote here Chris.

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Thanks so very much. I agree with this, though I think for a lot of people, they have to feel way more than just discontent with their lives. So many people are accepting discontent as normal. The readers of this blog, and those who have read your books will act upon things if they are not feeling that they are living and meaningful life, though there are so many other people, unaware that this state of constant discontent does not have to be the way, that there is another way. With these people it takes a massive trauma, it takes something that has come from way out of left field before they will explore changes in their lives.

I do think that with the help of sites like this one, that people are beginning to not settle for a mediocre life. I certainly hope so. Thanks Chris. On target, as always!!! Discontent is actually a fuel for positive change. I would not agree more! I agree that many transformations and innovations are born out of frustration and discontent but I have seen some financial disasters occur as a result of the same underlying issue. I absolutelly agree, I finally bought a ticket to England this February, which has always been a dream of mine.

I loved this post, Chris — such truth you speak! When I was in college I launched a fashion magazine which now thrives… on the fuel of getting rejected from sorority life. Two years in a row. Because although there were other factors involved the general internet population ganging up on me and causing mass internal confusion , I know the truth is I need to fight harder to stay focused and passionate. Or… perhaps I just need disruption. This resonates with me. Especially today. Thanks for your inspiring post.

So I had to set my sails on my own. It is daring and frightening sometimes — and very rewarding too. Cheers to all. At times, a person needs to just be here with the way things are — live it. Great post and oh so correct! Yes, without discontent, one is comfortable where they are, the way things are. Excellent point Chris. It seems most of are more easily motivated to change when discontent becomes too annoying or painful. I think the secret is to recognize the discontent before it happens and then act proactively. Yes — the power of discontent can be magical! As long as you know what you want to do with it.

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