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When I declared my faith, I felt happy, I don't know why, but perhaps it was the feeling of knowing I was going to be saved, or all my sins were forgiving. Or maybe it was the feeling that I might one day experience in the heavens forvever. Thankyou Paul. Masaha allah you are doing noble task which is every muslim duty may allah reward you good health and sucess AMEEN.

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I think this website is very instructional and informative and especially for nonmulisms and aone wants to commuicate Islam Iw0uld most grateful if you could more infomtion especially about jesus. Alhamdoulillah, thanks to this organisation for this brave dawah we are appraising so much for this great task Insha Allah the organisation shall be rewarded in the Akhirat. Insha allah all unbelievered shall get faith to Allah. Mohammad Fawzi. Pual J. Allahu Akbar, may His Guidance and bless bestow you all, brothers and sisters, for developing such great site : I, personally, intend to spread this site to many friends of mine.

Thank you, your brother Ratno Dini Pitoyo. It truly brought tears to my eyes while reading these comments. I was born a Muslim, but did not understand the substance until my own family members began to teach one another. May Allah bless those who write these articles with the intention of spreading the knowledge of Islam. May Allah also guide those who seek the correct path.

The article is a good introduction. I suggest that we use and propagate the notion of "revert" to Islam because every human being is born as a Muslim. I think this article is very good to helping people about converting to islam. I think the muslim religion is a unique religion to have i think its absolutely amazing and i would love more than anything in the world to convert to islam. Best Regards, Musyafa. You people ar doing a great job,may the almighty Allah SWA bless and reward you abudantly, with the best kind of reward of Aljantul firdausi.

You should please try to include some articles written by some great scholars in your page. I am only getting better through Islam, and I am glad to say that I have convinced many Christians and athiests to stop their slander of our faith. I love being a muslim! I have even adopted Arabic names into my own name, I chose Ahmed for it is a varient of Muhammad peace be upon the prophet and Abdullah because it means servant of God.

I didn't even know when I chose those names that it was the same name as our glorious prophet, pbuh. I have given Da'wah, I think its called, aswell to many non-muslims and some have become interested in becoming muslims themselves so they came to sites like these :D. I wish you all at this site the best.

Its good site. I ever read the book by Jerald F Dirk, which published in usa. He told about the difference between bible n quran in detail. Or Bible, Quran n modern science by Maurice Buccaille. I hope, this site inform us a good book. I need it. Thank u. This site contain good information for muslims and non-muslims. Thankyou so much to all the people of this site.

Allah will reward you. This site give more information about islam. Thank u Allah hafiz. Assalamau alaikum I hope and pray that you will continue to spread the good news of Islam in many more languages. I found your site straighforward and interesting. LOVED it.. Now lets get it translated in as many languages as possible. It is an excellent site for muslims and non muslims both. It impressed me so much. I hope it will give a good change in me. May allah bless u for this good work. Praise to Allah for guiding our brothers and sisters in their effort towards the existance of this site. May Allah bless the outreach.

Sala Aliakum, May Allah S. T continue to guide and guard us along the path of FAITH, and let none of us stray from d straight path. Because, he said that whoever he guides, none can lead him astray; and whoever he misleads, none can lead him aright,so u see? I also pray to Allah to spare us from the pangs of hunger and poverty, and also, to save us from the torments of the grave and hell fire Robbana Atina fiduniya hasanattan robi il akhirati hassana wa ki na asana! Ma Salam. May Allah give you more for the brilliant work that you are doing.

I came upon your site by chance, while surfing on the internet.

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This is the best site I have found on the internet. It not only educates but also spiritually enlightens. Jazakallah khair. Praise be to Allah SWT that has guided us and made us of the muslims. Who Allah guides none can can send astray, and those whom He does not guide, will never be guided. As a muslim I am always happy to see people calling to this religion of truth, spreading La ilaha ilAllah. As a convert I know that there are many misconceptions and false assumptions about Islam. I pray that those that are searching for answers, correct information find this site and others like it.

May Allah SWT reward you for your efforts and through it eradicate much ignorance. And may Allah SWT guide us and keep us on the straight path. May Allah reward you all for your belief in Islam and your good deeds, including coming forward as Muslims. May you become the generation to bring forth the glad tidings to this age and your lands. You are shining beacons.

May Allah multilpy the good deeds of the authors of this site and grant them Jenna. May the peace and blessings of Allah SWT be upon those that sat down and thought about this site, May Allah in his infinite mercy boost up his guidiance to the visitors of this site. Jazakum Allah khairan. Im so glad while i read this website.. I think this article is very good and best to helping people like me about converting to Islam and Muslim is the best and very unique religion for me..

Gazakom alla 7. Many people wanna convert to Islam, but don't know how. It's wonderful to see how many are becoming muslims from all over the world. Hope to see more sites of this kind. We all should tell everyone we know about such site. As a converted Muslim I find your work excellent. Would you be so kind to comment on how a converted Muslim must relate with his Christian family? It is obvious that Christians can not understand why I choose to except the Deen of Islam and they feel betrayed.

To isolate you from them is not right especially if you were the head of the family. I am Muslim and opened this website for information and found it very good specially for new comers to islam. Thanks God that we have such a site which leads people to the right path while there's a great war against islam and Muslims.

It made people know Islam and search for it.

How A Christian Community Reacts When Muslims MOVES NEXT DOOR?

This site shows that many people convert to islam every day and for ever in shaa Allah. I congratulate all of you have who have recently converted to Islam. May Allah Bless You Ameen! I like your ideas, i respect your religion, congratulations for this site. I am christian, but i am sure you have good ideas and principals. Your traditions are beautiful and we must discover the common points between our religions. I just find this web site. It's wonderful I am very proud a muslim. May Allah SWT guide us to the right path. Well Done Thank you for your information.

May Allah bless you.

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Please continue this site and Allah enter us in Jannah Masha Allah, to everyone here.. And thanks again for posting me the few islamic books. I love so much. I wish you all success, and happy. Insha Allah, Ameen. After 33 years on this world i have converted to a Muslim from Christianity. I trully believe that Islam is the only True religion. Please support me fellow brothers and sisters. Great site explaining everything. I went to Al Azhar in Cairo to become a muslim and to get my certificate stating I am muslim with my new muslim name, with the chance to talk to a scholar with any questions I had before.

It was so memorable with the certificate I can now got to Mecca Barakallahu lakum wa bikum may Allah bless you and accept ALL the efforts you're dedicating and may this will be in your mizan hasanat, I was searching the net for my helper she is interested to know about islam more so I found this helpful site keep up the good work may Allah show us all the right path.. Wonderful site. May Allah Almighty bless you and help in your mission.

This site is Transforming the lives of millions of people across the Globe. Allah Hafiz. Assalaamu Alaikum. Congratulations on your website. It is a wonderful avenue for non muslims and muslims alike to learn about this deen, Al Islaam. May Allah Almighty continue to reward your good works. May Allah bless the people who have made this site. I am sure a divine reward awaits you in paradise. May Allah bless you Excellent website I am a new muslim from South America Colombia and i wish there were sites like this in spanish.

Masha Allah, a great effort to inform people about Islam. To those who establish this site, may Allah reward you with jannah. It's a duty of every muslim to understand their faith and practise and give example to non-believers. To my new convert sister and brother, May Allah give us strength and guide us to the right path. Thanks all. I just found this web yerterday, this is what I intend to look for. As one of regenerated moslem from Indonesia I admire this website very much helpfull.

Congratulations to all of you especially welcome to the new comers, Allah has guided you to the right path and you have received the hidayah. I culdn't stop tear drops while reading these comments. May we all brothers n sisters be a part of brighted big moslem family. I have just converted to Islam, I cried a massive amount of tears after I said the prayer. My heart was overflowing. Asalaam aleikum,i was actually checking for an islamic site for a collegue of mine who is a revert and married to a muslim,that i came across this amazing site-mashaAllah-may you continue with the Dawa.

Fi-amaanilllah, Yours-sister-in islam-Safia. Omar from davao,phillipines This site is doing the same job. I am happy that i am a moslem, also worshiping only one God, that is Allah and also to know your site. Selamu-alejkum from muslims in Susse.. Thank U. Assalamualikum - Excellent effort. Jazakah allah, May Allah bless u and ur family. Mashallah'a very good notice to those who desire to revert to Islaam. May Allah give you courage to continue this good job. Hope this page would be more visited and profitable for the non-muslims.

May Allah guide them all. Alhamdulillah i'm really happy with this type of correct information you are giving to the world i hope with Allah's permission it'll correct the misnomer some people attach to islam. As salaam Alaykum, Indeed. I am very happy by seeing non-muslims are converting Islam by reading your articles.

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I am highly pleased with your website on Islam. I read all the guest comments that lot of non-Muslims are converting to Islam in various countries, such shows the preciousness of the website you have developed. I wole-heartedly pray "May Allah bless you with hightest rewards and a prominent place in Jannath Paradise " I have searched for a very long time to find meaning.

And here on this path I cross meaning; Islam. This site such do a great work speacialy for those who want to know about Islam. Insallha everyone visit in this site. I am Muhammad Daffa Aulia. I am muallaf. December 22, Alhamdulillah i became a Moslem. Before i am a catholic, and i graduated from catholic theology and i want to become a priest Father of catholic. Because of Hidayah Allah, Alhamdulillah I bacame a moslem.

Now i still study about Islam.

What Does the Qu'ran Teach About Christians?

I always try to find the truth of Islam. But I have broken with my family. But no problem for me. I need your support to me, with you prayer to Allah. Wassalaumalaikum Muhammad Daffa Aulia. I'm a moslem and family also. Like some people in the world, they have religion and mentioned on his identity card: Islam. Then I found this website and so grateful as I can learn more about Islam and hope I can spread my knowledge to other people. Alhamdulillah, Islam is my way and safe me.

Thanks for this very informative piece on introducing Islam. A bit more by way of encouragement to a new Muslim adherent may be helpful. I couldnt hold my tears. God protect nsave you. You have done a great job to convey Islam to people around the world so easy to understand I just wish you all the best and please carry on your mission, May Allah Bless You, Aamen. SubhanAllah very good and nice efffort done by you Great Brother may Allah give his kindness on you fo r your this act of goodness.

Ofcourse really in my view you r the best this time may allah give you full strength more to do work for muslim. I am a young catholic girl who changed to muslim 7 months ago. I think this article would be the fruitfull solution for non-muslims who are desire to accept Islam the best and powerful religion in the world "InshaAllah". As a converted muslim i usually find it difficult to defend my new found religion to family and friends who are sceptic about my converting,but from the moment i got into it and received scriptures with detailed information,im sure im ready to face the world.

Thank you for your support and making it easeir for us the convertees. May Allahs mercy befall you. The site gives nice information. It is very easy and so simple to understand for those willing to come to the right path Islam. I was introduce to the Quran about 6 months ago by a childhood friend. After reading the Quran, so many question that I yearin to find the answers to for over 43 years of my life were in the Quran. I had fianlly found the truth. I woke up this morning wanting to convert to Muslim and your site allowed me to do so.

All praise to Allah for leading me to this site by nights end. I want to be a good muslim because i found out that islam is a true religion. And thank's to Allah for helping me and understand more about islam Thats why i choose Islam and leave Christianity Assalamoualaikoum, I am very thankful to the brothers and sistas who created this website, it really gives us newly converted muslims an easier undastanding Wow, the way I feel is indescribable God bless you, what a wonderful service you provide.

Thank you, I have longed for this moment and you have made it wonderful and lasting. Stay truly blessed. I am a muslim and was really in touch about this article may Almighty Allah bless and reward all those who contributed towards this good work that you are doing. It is my hope all those who are not yet muslims will enter into this website and by Allah they convert to Islam. Is a good site, infact i dont know that this type of style is existing. Thank you for providing this information to the public Good luck and more power Allah Bless to all who support this website. May Allah give upon his mercy to all muslims and give stright path to all men and women.

Thank you a lot and Allah will reward your great this effort. The info presented is very good.

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  7. Very interesting to say the least. Whish the best to ALL human beings. Its a nice site. Mashallah I'm a muslim but I haven't been doing research on Islam until I came onto your site. Thank you for working on this site. I have learned a lot that I haven't known before coming to this site. I've learned many new things and I love what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work and may Allah guide us all. Thank you so much for the ability to convert in the privacy of my own home. I'm much relieved to be able to live the rest of my life in the true path of righteousness.

    This site has been a trimendous help. Again thank you. Hello everyone in the globe who look at this unique site. It would be wonderfull to you that have chosen Islam as your faith and religion. Anyone who can write english can communicate with your brother i would be undoubtedly happy to hear your story of conversion to - great religion of Islam which is the futurer's and dominat's religion of the globe. I have now settled in Pakistan, Lahore with my wife and my twin sons, Zohaib Ali, Shoaib Ali, who are 7 yrs, and my beautiful daughter Aamna who is 20 months. Assalamualaikum wbt. Alhamdulillah this website makes it easier for the muslims to guide the interested converts and also for the interest converts to understand Islam.

    And Heaven the reward of those team initiated this this excellent mission by spreading the words of "Allah" and teaching of the Prophet "Muhammad" pbuh Da'wwah is the duty of every true muslim in the land just to spread the words of Allah and the Haddith teaching of the Prophet Muhammad Allaho Akbar!!! Allahu Akbar!!! Assalamualikum to all my brothers.. MashaAllah, what a introduction this is for a New muslim who is introduced to Islam, we need many more websites like this because Islam is the fastest spreading Religion in this World.

    Sub-hanallah, how nice a website on Islam. Alhamdulillah, I can read all of my Muslim brother through this comment, an I belief that through this site the voice of Islam will be sounding and spreeding out to all over the world. Hi, im a non-muslim, but researching islam before i convert. I just want to thank you for helping me understand the q'uran. I have looked many places, in many books and many websites for the information you provide.

    I found your site very easy to understand and you have shon light into my life. Thank You. Very good site. May Allah bless you for the good work being done by u. Allah accept your efforts Ameen, regards, s nooruddin. This is a very very informative site, I should say an excellent source of information especially for a non-Muslim like me who's in a process of seeking the truth.

    My readings here swept-out all the misconceptions about Islam. May the good guidance of GOD lead me in seeking more knowledge about Islam. Allah bless the creator of this site. Thank you very much. This site has helped me a lot.. Ur site s Great Thank you,i've learned a lot and will be learning more.

    Christians] had stood fast by the Law, the Gospel, and all the revelation that was sent to them from their Lord, they would have enjoyed happiness from every side. There is from among them a party on the right course, but many of them follow a course that is evil" Commit no excesses in your religion, nor say of God anything but the truth. So believe in God and His messengers. Say not, 'Trinity. Far exalted is He above having a son. To Him belong all things in the heavens and on earth.

    And enough is God as a Disposer of affairs" That is but a saying from their mouth; in this they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. God's curse be on them; how they are deluded away from the Truth! They take their priests and their anchorites to be their lords in derogation of God, and they take as their Lord Christ the son of Mary.

    Barack and his mother moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, where Obama spent years attending both Muslim and Catholic schools before his mother sent him back to the United States to live with his maternal grandmother. In his book, The Audacity of Hope , Obama elaborated on his early schooling, explaining that he attended both Catholic and Muslim schools in Indonesia — not out of any particular religious affiliation, but because his mother wanted him to obtain the best education possible under the circumstances:.

    As a six-year-old in Catholic school, he studied the catechism. My father was almost entirely absent from my childhood, having been divorced from my mother when I was two years old. At the time of his death, my father remained a myth to me, both more and less than a man. He had left Hawaii back in , when I was only two years old, so that as a child I knew him only through the stories that my mother and grandparents told. The elder Obama died when Barack Jr.

    The claim that Obama attended a radical Wahabbist school in Indonesia in the mids is exceedingly far-fetched, given that:. The large Indonesian community resident in Mecca was a medium through which knowledge about Wahhabism reached Indonesia, but the community itself appears to have remained virtually immune to Wahhabi influences. In reality there was little direct influence of Wahhabism on Indonesian reformist thought until the s. He visited the Basuki school, which Obama attended from to Vause reported he saw boys and girls dressed in neat school uniforms playing outside the school, while teachers were dressed in Western-style clothes.

    Obama later transferred to SDN Menteng 1 the elite, secular elementary school at the center of the controversy. The school is public but is very competitive and has exceptionally high standards. Indonesia is home to several of the most radical Islamic schools in Southeast Asia, some with alleged terrorist links. But Akmad Solichin [the vice principal at SDN Menteng 1], who proudly pointed to a photo of a young Barry Obama, as he was known, said his school is not one of them. Moreover, a statement released by the Obama campaign affirmed that:.

    Senator Obama was raised in a secular household in Indonesia by his stepfather and mother. Furthermore, the Indonesian school Obama attended in Jakarta is a public school that is not and never has been a Madrassa. Obama was first elected to the Illinois state senate in , but he has been involved with the United Church of Christ since the mids.

    But Obama wants to clarify what truly happened. I know there are some people who fall out. Which is wonderful. God bless them … I think it was just a moment to certify or publicly affirm a growing faith in me. These days, he says, he attends the 11 a.